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Nutritionally balance meal options for under $5
Ideas for 'keeping it simple' in your school canteen ...
School Canteen 'Hall of Fame' Previous Canteen of the Year Winners

futurefoods is committed to providing healthier choices and quality, affordable food products to your school canteen.

We work closely with the school canteens to develop healthier options for children and young adults that fit with the Ministry of Health's Food & Beverage Classification system. We also have many products that achieve the Heart Foundation's Tick of Approval. futurefoods products are not only healthier options but are interesting, fun and enjoyed by school children of all ages.

Our futurefoods representatives are able to help schools with their healthy canteen policy and suggest menus for primary, intermediate and secondary schools as well as combo choices for certain age groups. These have been developed with the help of dietitian Nikki Hart and ensure canteen managers are making good choices that are appropriate to the age and nutritional requirements of children through to young adults.

futurefoods is proud to sponsor schools through the School Canteen Incentive Programme and provide fundraising options with the Juicies Fundraiser.

All canteen staff, school management, PTA members, staff, student representatives and parents are invited to attend the futurefoods expos being held around New Zealand to learn about and sample the healthy and nutritious options available to schools. Expos are held around New Zealand throughout the year. Contact futurefoods on 0800 148 276 or email info@futurefoods.co.nz for more information.

Ideas for 'keeping it simple' in your school canteen ...

1) Minimise suppliers by designing your menu based on quality, easily sourced products and ingredients. For example - a bread supplier, a supplier of a good range of products (like futurefoods), a cash & carry and a fruit & vege supplier.

2) Own your equipment. If you own your freezers and food warmers you will not get caught up in restrictive contracts offered by some suppliers. A great way to purchase equipment is to save up SCIP rewards; you can also get some great deals on auction websites.

3) Keep your menu structured and short. Large menus create large workloads and often mean that it takes longer to prepare, longer to serve and longer to develop. Base your menu on the same structure and each term change out a few of the worst selling or out of season products.

4) Create a shopping list by supplier and display it on the wall with information about how to order, delivery days and payment information. This way if you are away the canteen staff will be able to order.

5) Establish processes. School Canteens that run efficient processes use less staff hours, less space, have less wastage and are more profitable.

futurefoods Canteen of the Year Awards - Hall of Fame

2010 - 'Fresh Tastes' Hastings Intermediate
2009 - 'Kapai Kai' Napier Girls High School
2008 - Southbrook School, Rangiora
2007 - 'Cool School Canteen' Selwyn Ridge Primary School, Tauranga
2006 - Kaiapoi Borough School



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